19 October - 24 October

„And what are you doing?“

The Holländerhof and the Mürwiker GmbH are facilities for people with handicaps. They created in cooperation with the state working group Werkstatträte Schleswig-Holstein (LAG WR SH) an interactive exhibition about the meaning of work with the title: "And what are you ding?"

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Many workers from the facilities in Schleswig-Holsteins were ask about different themes. The result is the interactive exhibition from 19.10 to 24.10. at CITTI-PARK Flensburg. 

The exhibition includes three different topics regarding the questions: "What means work to you?, "Do you like going to work?" and "What makes you proud?" The exhibition is interactive: Visitors are informed about the self-determined and equal participation, about the work in facilities for people with handicaps and stimulated to rethink their own situation.