Parking & directions

Herrenholz 14
23556 Lübeck

2,800 free parking spaces

You will always find a parking space here! Our pioneering parking guidance system in the multi-storey car park will guide you quickly and effectively to the nearest free parking space.

Multi-storey car park opening hours:
One hour before and one hour after the stores open

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Arrival by bus

You can of course also reach us easily by bus.

Lines 12, 16 and 21 bring you directly to CITTI-PARK!

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Camper parking space

The free parking are for camper is at the opposite of the main entrance of the CITTI-PARK. You can park there during your shopping.

Wohnmobilstellplatz CITTI-PARK Lübeck
Herrenholz 14, 23556 Lübeck

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